How to Be a Smart Domain Flipping Entrepreneur

Domain names give you a primary location online which people can access all over the planet and that is what makes them valuable. If you want to become successful at domain flipping then you need to understand the dynamics of finding worthy domain names and selling them the right way. In the following article we shall be looking into three effective domain flipping tips that you can use right away to see long term results.

You have to understand that there is an element of risk involved with this business, but that is true of any business you do. Since this involves buying domains from people, and hopefully reselling at a profit – you may not always be able to recoup your investment. When your big plan falls through, do not give up because that does happen to everyone – so make an attempt to discover what went wrong with it. You more you learn how to assess a domains possible value, as you can see that will help you a lot. It takes time before you can see real profits coming in, because successful domain flippers are constantly buying and selling domain names, so the results don’t come in a day. It is important that you keep moving forward with this and taking action.


2) Domain registrars are usually offering some sort of discount or another so you need to keep your eyes open. Let’s face it; the reason you’re getting into domain flipping is because it’s a real business, which is why you should focus on buying domain names for as cheap as possible and selling them for the highest price.


When you search thoroughly it isn’t hard to track down some discount codes that will allow you to buy domain names for as low as a dollar. If you do an online search you’ll come across at least a few sites that stay updated on the registrars’ discount codes so that makes the sales easy to track. Overall, your objective here is to have a low buying price and high selling price, which is why using these discounts and special deals will help you out in the long run.


3) Last but not the least; have accounts on all the top domain registrars so that you’re fully equipped. GoDaddy and NameCheap are incredibly highly rated in part because their advanced control panels make it very easy to manage every domain name you buy. Your goal here is to keep it packed full so that you can register your domain names in one or the other places when the time is right. While this might not look that important it can definitely help you stay organized. Even though domain flipping is easy, it is not anything like overnight; you need to work at it. If you are all right with taking risks, then that will help you tremendously. You can use various tools to help you with finding newly expired domains, and that is something for you to take a look at.


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Parenting is Risky Business: Finding Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

In a recent article published in Smart Money Magazine, the article’s author determined that one of the personality traits entrepreneurial millionaires had in common was their appetite for risk.

Of the entrepreneurial millionaires interviewed and profiled, each one had been willing to take a risk.


SAHMs, WAHMs and Taking Risks


Stay at home moms who transition to become work at home moms also have to have a bit of this risk-taking spirit in them. It takes an appetite for risk, or at least the fortitude to experience risk.


Moms who decide to continue their maternity leave indefinitely and find themselves a way to make money are taking a risk. They don’t’ know where their next paycheck will come from, how much it will be, or if there will be one.


What If….


These SAHMs who make the successful move to WAHMs are willing to take the risk. They are not plagued and stymied by “what ifs…”


If these WAHMs are lucky, the have a support system in place. While this lessens the risk, it does not remove it. For example, the SAHM who becomes a WAHM may have some freedom to be creative and try to make money, but she also will not have a retirement fund. Unless she is successful.


“What if I write this book and nobody buys it?”


“What if I spend time doing X and it turns out to be a waste of time?”


“What if I start on online business and it fails?”


The moms that successfully make the move from SAHM to WAHM only have one if to propelling them forward:


“What if I succeed?”


The thought of success will compel WAHMS forward, and provide a balance beam for risk taking.


Parenting is Risky Business


The act of having a child does prepare a SAHM, a WAHM, a future entrepreneur for risk. Pregnancy is no guarantee of a healthy baby. A healthy baby is not guaranteed of a healthy child. And on it goes.


Parents learn to deal with risks every day. A baby could fall down. A child could be slow to crawl.


Just because risks are part of parenting, that does not stop us from becoming parents. Anything worth doing comes with a certain amount of risk. The greater the risk, the greater the potential for rewards.


Being a parent teaches you that life does not come with guarantees. Being a SAHM and a WAHM teaches us that the unknown is a glorious, wonderful place that can lead to a yellow brick road of good fortune.

How to Succeed as a Start-up Entrepreneur

With no experience, credentials or credibility, every start-up entrepreneur has an uphill task implementing his/her entrepreneurial vision. This article contains practical tips you must consider to make your entrepreneurial pursuit a success.

Vision enablers and terminators

Vision enablers come in various forms; friends, associates and family. More importantly, these people believe in you enough to approve your going into entrepreneurial pursuit.


They will never accept any excuse from you, if you fail. Maintain contact with them. They lift your entrepreneurial spirit, when the going gets tough.


Vision terminators are those who would give you 101 reasons why you can’t succeed. Avoid them at all cost. As a start-up entrepreneur, strike out the word “can’t” from your dictionary. If you don’t believe in your own possibilities, who will?


Planning and preparation

Every business has secrets which have to be discovered. As a start-up entrepreneur you must get as much information about the business you intend getting into.


Also, if you do not have the necessary skills, it’s time you acquire them. You can achieve this either through apprenticeship or from a mentoring relationship.


Planning is crucial to the success of your venture. Your business plan should show your vision, mission, strategy, target market, financial projection, human resource requirements, etc.


Part of planning and preparation is finding what you love and building your business around it.


Getting started

Once you are through with the preparation phase, it’s time to start your business. You need to overcome fear and launch your enterprise.


Your vision must be targeted at a specific market. Focus on providing value for your target market. This is the gateway to your business success.


Never allow thoughts of finance discourage you. Sources you could tap from include personal savings, grants from family and friends, loans from banks, trade credits, franchising, venture capital, etc.


You can execute your entrepreneurial vision in phases, so the capital requirement may not be as large as you anticipate.


Start from somewhere and start small. Growth comes only after you have started your business. As your business begins to flourish, you must cultivate financial discipline.


Give your enterprise all the care and commitment it deserves. Without commitment, your business can’t succeed. King Solomon of ancient Israel advises that, “Whatever your hands findeth to do, do it with all thy might.”


Deposited in you, are all you would need to start and build a successful business. It’s in your hands.


Thanks for reading. Hope it moves you to action.

Top 10 Senior Social Networking Sites for Entrepreneurs and Hobbyists

The top 10 senior social networking sites finally allow the mature Internet user to interact with like-minded entrepreneurial, retired, active and elderly online community members. Although not entirely devoid of flashy youngsters, social networking sites for seniors have a different ‘feel.’

WAYN: Senior Social Networking for Snowbirds


With about 13 million members, active seniors who might be full-timing with their RV or frequent guests on local and national cruises appreciate the instant connectivity. WAYN is short for “Where Are You Now?” Among senior social networking sites, this one allows as much – or as little – in-person or online interaction as the user prefers. It is possible to merely post photos from trips, meet up with other travelers, plan activities based on others’ experiences or merely chitchat online. The minimum age to join is 18.


Facebook: The World’s Playground


Everyone is on Facebook. At this time, roughly 350,000,000 users call the site “home” and they provide an eclectic mix for possible interactions. As an avid gamer on the site, I am interacting daily with teens, twens, the 30-something set and also the oldster with more than 70 to 80 candles on the last cake.


Eons: Social Networking for Baby Boomers (1946-1964 birth dates)


Baby Boomers might despair at the juvenile content of MySpace and associated social networking sites aimed at teens and the younger demographics. With Eons, they can finally interact with those of the same generation.


Taltopia: Top Among Social Networking Sites for Creative Seniors


In simplest terms, Taltopia is an artist community made up of painters, musicians, actors, comedians, photographers and anyone else with a penchant for creativity. Fans, artists and industry insiders interact, critique, join fan clubs and find exposure for their works. For seniors whose creative juices played second fiddle to (now grown) children and work (a distant memory), this may finally be the creative outlet they craved all their lives. Age differences are quickly overcome by enthusiasm and artistic talent.


aNobii: Booklovers Unite!


Book worms in their golden years (and of all ages) read, post reviews and connect with like-minded readers. Readers may even try their hands at a first blogging experience. Seniors have the opportunity to discuss their favorite reads with others in an online community encompassing about 400,000 users.


Ravelry: Knitting and Crocheting Networking Site


Another one of the senior social networking sites dedicated to a specific hobby is Ravelry. With more than 600,000 global members, it is dedicated to serious hobbyists of the fiber arts. Learn how to make that sweater pattern you always wanted to try out, post photos of your latest creation and interact in the forums with other knitters.


The Hospitality Club: Meet and Greet Site for the Avid Traveler and Host


Spanning 207 countries and including more than 328,000 members, members may act as hosts to travelers visiting their cities or merely as tour guides. Money does not change hands but friendships form frequently. This is a great social networking opportunity for seniors who love to travel or have a full house.


Social Networking Sites for Seniors in Business


It is a common misconception that all senior citizens while away time through travel or hobbies. Instead, there is a fair share that are starting and running businesses or have business interests they actively follow. There are a number of senior social networking opportunities for them as well. Please note that the tone and “feel” of these communities is vastly different from the hobby and just-for-fun social networks previously mentioned.


LinkedIn is a well-known business and social networking site mix; with 60 million global users and endless niche groups and clubs, it is a cornucopia of interaction opportunities for the business and hobby-minded senior. PartnerUp connects entrepreneurs with mentors and also partners. With about 100,000 members it is a small community. Meet the Boss is more upper level management or industry networking than social interaction, but it is actually the interconnectivity of its roughly 20,000 members that makes the site a worthwhile experience.

Mortgage Industry Entrepreneur Launches eMortgEdge 1003 Power Version 1

Donna Iwane, CEO  amp; Founder of eMortgEdge Corporation, has announced the company’s first release of eMortgEdge 1003 Power Version 1. 1003 Power is a revolutionary new mortgage loan system created exclusively for mortgage brokers, loan officers, loan processors and wholesale lenders that speeds the loan origination process by providing a comprehensive web-based loan processing application. 1003 Power capability is so fast that it will generate loan proposals under one minute.

1003Power is an all inclusive, user-friendly system that requires no CDs to order or to install. Users simply log onto eMortgEdge website ( from any Internet access, sign in with user name/pass code and the process begins with just a click of the mouse. The system is so powerful that it allows a loan to be created within seconds from anywhere, anytime, anyplace.


1003 Power was developed by seasoned professional Donna Iwane, a long time mortgage broker, who realized the need for an all-inclusive, interactive program with multiple capacities for brokers to use when processing loans.


eMortgEdge, an internet based corporation, will offer monthly sales subscriptions for 1003Power, a web- based enterprise level loan origination and processing system for mortgage brokers and loan officers nationwide, increasing loan production of each individual loan officer, enhance time management, reduce overhead cost and introduce extraordinary file control not seen before in broker offices.


As a result of her hands-on expertise, 1003Power V1 launched with a distinguished set of unique features that simplify every aspect the loan application procedure. 1003Power V1 advancements are so complete virtually every aspect of the loan process is seamless. The application is easy to access and use, and possesses a thorough help and technical support system.


1003 Power V1 is an interactive application, not software.1003 Power boasts an automatic data transfer throughout the entire program. This means all the user has to do is insert a name or any data one time anywhere within the program and it will automatically change throughout all documents currently worked on.


Unique Features Include:


The first web-based system that is accessed directly from 1003power website – no CDs are needed to order or to install.


Mobile access via PDA or cell phone – loan officers can access information not only from a laptop but also from a cell phone or PDA.


File Control – users can upload loan documents to an electronic file on their computer for easy reference and access.


Auto Reminder Notification – automatically generates email reminders to clients from the loan officer for refinancing loans, holiday and birthday greetings about their clients, saving time and money in marketing.


Accounting – including billing capabilities and tracking cash inflows and outflows.


Multiple viewers- Mortgage brokers and clients can access the documents with a high level of security. No need for copying and sending documents, or scheduling meetings in the office. Brokers can work anytime from any location and always have ready access to all needed documents. Clients can review their application process online at any time.


Saves on overhead costs – eliminates paper files, searching for documents, faxing back and forth – all documents are available in one secure place accessible from a laptop or desktop. Production costs are greatly reduced.


Security and Support – eMortgEdge Servers have SSL (Secure Server Layer) Security, which 1003Power encrypts information to insure user confidentiality and provide the highest level of data protection to system users. 1003Power V1 Server provider includes a full suite of Internet Security by keeping up with virus patches, responding to worm alerts, finding and filling application holes, thwarting hackers and much more. eMortgEdge provides 24/7 customer care.


eMortgEdge’s 1003Power V1 is truly revolutionary, offering the mortgage industry a comprehensive product developed by a fellow professional mortgage broker, Ms. Iwane. 1003 Power V1 is available at no cost for a thirty-day trial. Please visit the 1003power website and download the program from the website


For more information or to schedule an interview with Donna Iwane, please contact Suzi Bruno or Porsha Clark at PRIME L.A., (818) 995-1290; or email

Young Entrepreneurs

I wish as a child I knew exactly what I wanted to be like so many other children at a young age do. I took me almost thirty years to figure it out. Now that I look back I realize that all the keys to figuring it out were there, I just didn’t know it. When I was a little girl, my Mom put me in ballet classes. That didn’t really work out because I had no flexibility. I always watched the olympics and wished I could be a gymnist or ice skater because they looked so cool. I never said a word to my parents though. Big mistake! By the time I spoke up, I was way to old to get started and be considered for the olympics. Then I heard the words, “You should have said something.” I was still a little bit of a tomboy, climbing trees and playing with bugs. I think the biggest thing was non-exposure. By the time I got to high school, the only money making careers I knew of were doctor or lawyer. And since I faint at the sight of blood, one of those were out of the question.

I didn’t know till way later that there were careers in things I never even thought was a career. So, I encourage parents to ask there kids what they like and what things they would like to try. Maybe even look up what different kind of careers there are in books or on the internet. They are unlimited. If you like animals, you don’t necessarily have to limit yourself to veterinarian or dog groomer. There are lots of ways to work with animals. College is an important way to open up the possibilities.


I can remember when I was young and my imagination was running wild. I had an easel that I would paint pictures on, and one time I even made a board game from cardboard and construction paper. I experimented with cooking and my hair. Eventually wanted to go to school to be a chef, but never went. I did other people’s hair on the side to make money but never truly enjoyed it. Sometimes you try things out and end up getting stuck doing them just because you do it well. Tell your kids to try new things they like but only make a career out of the thing they love to do. I love to cook in my own spare time, but I wouldn’t enjoy it as much if I was being told what to cook and when and how. That’s a heart of an artist. Now that I’m older, I know that’s what I am. I like to create things. I may be good at cooking, doing hair, designing flower arrangements, designing interior, organizing, or doing office work. But I love taking pictures and it would only make it better if I got paid to do it. Hopefully, it won’t take your child thirty years to figure out who they are, and maybe it won’t if you give them the encouragement they need. Encourage them to get envolved in sports and extra curricular activities in school. And make sure that reading is a big part of that. If you are having a hard time getting them to read, just find them something to read that interests them.


The more things they experience and try in there young life, the more likely they will be to find something they absolutely love to do. And please don’t try to make your child live out your unreached dream. They are there own person and have to find there own way. If you really love your kids you wouldn’t want to stress them out any further with the weight of trying to please you. Always let them know you’ll be proud of them in any career path they take. They will become a happier adult.

Top 5 Reasons to Be a Teenage Entrepreneur

Have you ever decided to take on a challenge, be different than the others, and be a teenage entrepreneur? Does working at the local McDonald fast-food restaurant seem uninteresting and you’d rather start your business? There are many reasons why you should pick up the courage, take chances, and start your own business. The top 5 reasons why many teenagers choose this road is:

Make money doing what you want


With your own business, you can make more money than the minimum wage, and probably take on a career that you have an interest in. Unlike the local McDonald position open, you’ll be able to earn a tidy sum to buy a car, and enjoy more luxuries with your own money. There is a lot more independence around when you don’t have to rely on your parent’s allowance. You also get a lot more say in when you want to work!




When you have your own money, you learn to think like a millionaire, which means that you’ll mature, and get more experience than others. It also means that when graduation comes around, you’ll have a lot more experience than your classmates, which opens a lot more opportunities for you! It’s what sets you apart from them.


Gain confidence


Having your own business means that you’ll be more confident in what you do. For one, you’re going to be able to get the feel of success like when you make your first sale. Having your own business means that you’ll have to learn to have the confidence to back everything up! Not only, you’ll also get to learn what to do under what circumstances, and how to handle tricky cases. You’ll have a lot more real life experience.


Get into university easier


It’s easier to get into university if you already have your own successful business up and going. Having your own business represents good qualities in you like creative, perseverance, ambition, and the ability to take initiative (good leadership skills). It’s what a lot of universities are looking for in the ideal student.


Expand your social network


Having your own business means you’ll meet a lot more people, which will help expand your social network. In reality, the more people, and the more you expand your social network, the more opportunities you will have. Also, you can learn from others, and how they became successful or their experience. You’ll be amazed at how much you learn.


As you can see, becoming an entrepreneur at an early age has a lot of advantages!

Entrepreneur Sharla Bush Exemplifies North Texas Spirit

Passionate and energetic are the best adjectives to describe entrepreneur Sharla Bush. A former home schooling mother of two, Bush has combined her interest in skin care and cosmetics with a belief every woman can be beautiful and parlayed it into a thriving, one of a kind business.

As the owner of Sharla’s Cosmetics and Bath, located on the corner of Virginia and Kentucky streets in Downtown McKinney, Tex., Bush’s primary objective is to provide superior products with the highest percentage of quality ingredients. Her conviction and attention to detail is palpable.


It’s not surprising Bush found her way to entrepreneurship. She proudly boasts a family with a long line of strong, independent-minded women who broke down numerous barriers. Her mother, Myrel Arthur, opened City Florist in Irving, Tex., in 1957, a time when female entrepreneurs were a rarity. This pioneer business woman instilled in her daughter the importance of becoming the boss rather than an employee. Bush continued that momentum with her own children, Rex and Laura, during their many years of home schooling.


“I always told my children I wasn’t raising them to get a job. If you have your own business you can work as hard as you want to be successful. That’s how I was raised.” Bush continues, “I’ve seen so many people work long and hard for others only to lose the jobs later.”


This education set well with both children. Her son, Rex, began early ventures in pay phones and car washes before graduating from high school and has continued successes in all his business endeavors. Bush’s daughter, Laura, recently graduated from SMU with honors and opened her own exclusive boutique, L. Bartlett, in Dallas’ West Village.


Bush credits her family background and relationship with husband George, a local commercial real estate investor, for both her and her children’s courage and inventiveness.


“My mother had no formal education but turned her floral shop into a thriving business which included a bridal boutique and catering service. And my husband George still amazes me,” says Bush.


Bush admits to having a long standing affinity for luxurious bath and skin care products as tools which compliment her personal philosophy of always looking and feeling her best inside and out. In 2004, while shopping in a downtown Dallas boutique, she realized there wasn’t a store in McKinney where she could buy quality beauty products. She also recognized many high priced beauty lines are laden with unhealthy ingredients.


“The following Sunday, I asked George what he thought of me opening a cosmetics and bath boutique. He said it was the best idea I’d ever had. The next day, I began researching product lines and ingredients from all over the world. I opened Sharla’sfour months later on Aug. 4, 2004,” comments Bush.


Bush’s diligent research supported what she already knew about the cosmetics industry. Every year consumers spend millions of dollars on products whose outrageous claims suggest internal affects on the skin and body. This dissatisfaction fueled Bush’s determination to continue to seek out bath and beauty products which meet her high standards. She refuses to carry any products she does not believe in or that do not meet their marketing claims. This includes Sharla’s, Bush’s private label skin care line.


“The ingredient lists on Sharla’s Skin Care are very short because they only contain the purest active ingredients allowed without a prescription. There are no fillers or buffers,” Bush states.


In keeping with her desire to educate consumers and help women look and feel their best, Bush offers her clientele classes with top-rated professionals such as Ricardo Gutierrez, Paula Dorf’s lead makeup artist, formally with MAC USA and Versace International, and Nanette New, a premiere Hollywood makeup artist.


“I love working with her. I’ve done more work in her small boutique than anywhere in the country and I’ve been in this industry more than 20 years. There is no one else like her. She’s a loving and caring woman who can run a business like no one else out there. She really knows her stuff. I really believe in her,” Gutierrez states.


“I’ve never met anyone so passionate. Sharla is more knowledgeable about skin care than people who have been in the business for 30 years. Her passion for knowledge and helping women achieve their own beauty is what I like most about her,” adds New.


William Reith, former VP of Fresh, presently VP of sales for Selective Beauty, adds “Sharla tailors products to her customers’ needs. I’ve never known anyone like her. She is one of a kind. I wish there were more people like her. I’m at the point now where I can’t wait to find new products just so I can work with her.”


Bush has not only developed an excellent reputation within the cosmetics industry, she has also cultivated a loyal customer base. Melissa, Tex., resident, DeeDee Lynn, credits Bush’s knowledge, quality products and customer service as just a few of the reasons she prefers shopping at Sharla’s.


“Sharla isn’t price driven. She always takes the time to talk to me about my personal needs, which ingredients will work best for my skin and how to take care of my body head to toe. She provides more than make up. She’s become a trusted friend,” comments Lynn.


In just two and a half years, Bush has created the most distinctive bath and beauty store in North Texas. She has also connected with top players in the industry allowing her to offer services far exceeding those available in other North Texas retail stores. Additionally, Bush has developed an excellent reputation for providing top quality products and services while building a loyal customer base that voluntarily spreads the word about her expertise and friendly service.


“My passion is showing women their own beauty and teaching them how to achieve it on their own. They should feel silky from head to toe. Every woman can be beautiful,” states Bush.

A Talk with Dr. Jean Woods: Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Lover of the Outdoors

A talk with Dr. Jean Woods: entrepreneur, philanthropists, and lover of the outdoors. I met the good doctor when my wife had that toothache that requires more than a topical jell. You know the one, hurts so bad that you forget that fear of the dentist. Many folks have a fear of the dentist, but Dr Woods makes you feel like your dropping by an old friends and she is just helping you out.

Karl Blake: Hi Doc, so tell me what’s the name of your company and why should one choose you.


Dr. Jean Woods: JEAN WOODS, DDS, PA. I am a Dentist with a staff of people who are not burned out from the business or looking forward to their next career. We try to have a happy atmosphere in our office. We find that a comfortable waiting room makes for a more relaxed client and the procedures go a lot easier on the client and the staff.


KB: Where do you go to church?


JW: I attend Northeast Baptist church in Durham, where I belong or I will attend Greater St. Paul also in Durham.


KB–What organizations are you involved in or care about?


JW: Let’s see, I belong to the NC Dental Society, American Dental Association, National Dental Association, Academy of General Dentistry, Old North State Dental Society, National Brotherhood of Skiers, and the American Quarter Horse Association. I care a lot about all of the organizations I am involved in but extra partial to the horse association.


KB: How did you get started and get to this wonderful location?


JW: Many times you hear you must be prepared for the future. I guess I was ready and in the right place at the right time in regards to the location. I purchased an existing practice from another dentist that was relocating out of the area.


KB:Where did you grow up?


JW: I was born in Chapel Hill, and no I will not tell you the year, and grow up in Durham, NC


KB: Parent’s occupation


JW: My mother is a Baptist Minister at Northeast Baptist in Durham on highway 55.


KB: Number of Children  amp; siblings and their names?


JW: I have five siblings, three brothers and two sisters. Their names are, Robert, Phyllis, Carolyn, Isaac, and David. My children, well that would have to be my horses. My favorite “Fancy” has my heart and there are four of them in all.


KB: Why the Durham area for your business?


JW: I grew up here in Durham and after school I thought about the places I would like to live and found that Durham offered the best opportunities, and they were so much better in this area than other areas when I first started my practice.


KB: Where did you go to school?


JW: I started with my Undergraduate degree from UNC-Greensboro, followed with NCCU, Guilford Tech in Greensboro, and Dental School at UNC-Chapel Hill.


KB:Who is your greatest inspiration?


JW: My sister Carolyn and a dear friend Cornelia McDonald.


KB: What are your plans for the future?


JW: I plan on continue practicing dentistry, though as I approach retirement I plan to teach in the dental school setting, build a horse farm and start a children’s summer horse camp.


KB: What advice would you give to young people about to enter “the REAL world”?


JW: Life is not fair. Don’t be a whiner/complainer. You have to focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.


KB: What is the last book you read?


JW: Barack Obama, Dreams from my Father.


KB: What do you do to relax?


JW: I go horseback riding, often. I also love snow skiing, hiking and camping. If you can tell I’m an outside kind of girl. I love the outdoors.


KB: What are you proudest of?


JW: I am proud of my well rounded culturally diverse life.


KB: Is there anything else we should know about you and the things you care about?


JW: I am somewhat of a daredevil (if it goes fast I will get on it). I have ski raced for the last 12 years, last year I was ranked 2nd in the nation in my age group. I have four horses that I ride and camp with all over the east coast. I like introducing and exposing others, especially the younger ones to new things and give them a chance to see how much fun and educational the outdoors can be.


KB:Tell us about your nonprofit organization.


JW: My non-profit is named Jean Woods Foundation and was originally founded to expose kids to activities they otherwise could not afford. We have taken kids to New York, have gone skiing, flying airplanes, to museums, and looking forward to more trips and adventures. The non profit is about introducing the young to new and exciting things n hopes that it will give them the motivation to reach for their dreams.


KB:Well thanks Dr. Jean for sharing with us and hope to see you on the trail someday. Hi Ho Away.

Goodbye Celebrities: The Donald Looking for Real Entrepreneurs for Next Apprentice

Donald Trump has apparently tired of working with celebrities and wants to focus again on developing entrepreneurial talent. As announced on the April 4 edition of Celebrity Apprentice, the show is recruiting business people for the next episode of NBC’s The Apprentice. You might recall that the first six installments of the reality show, in which candidates seek to become apprentice to the world’s most famous real estate developer (or, depending on how you look at it, the guy with the bad hair.)

In this season, as in the last two, B-list celebrities have competed on the show for charity. (The only real celebrity competing in the prime of his career was country music singer Trace Atkins, who was runner-up on season one.)


You can submit an application to be on the next Apprentice on the show’s Web page. (See links to the right.)


So, what about those original entrepreneurial winners? Did they find success? Are any still working for Trump’s organization?


  • Bill Ransic was the original apprentice. You might recall that, prior to his appearance on the show, Ransic had owned a mail-order cigar company. He worked for Trump for several years and, according to his Web site, considers Trump a mentor. He’s authored two books, “You’re Hired” and “Beyond the Lemonade Stand.” Bill and his wife, Guiliana, appear on their own A  amp; E reality show. (The creative title? “Bill and Guiliana”) He keeps a blog on his Web site pretty up-to-date. Judging by it, he’s involved in charity work and just recently returned from a trip to Haiti. Most of his income comes from public speaking engagements. He seems to have around 10 each month.


  • Kelly Perdew, a former military officer, won season II and worked for the Trump organization for a while, evening becoming an executive vice president. Since leaving, he’s started a very popular fantasy sports platform ( and authored “Taking Command: 10 Leadership Principles Learned in the Military.” Perdew’s Web site also features his tweets. Charities he is involved in include Big Brother/Big Sister and the USO.


  • Kendra Todd, according to her Web site, is still very much involved in real estate. (You might recall she chose to manage a Miami real estate project over the Miss Universe pageant.) She hosts “My House is Worth What?” on HGTV. She also is a judge for Real Estate Apprentice, an organization that provides training to young real estate agents. She provides financial analysis for a Fox business show. She has also written a book, “Risk and Grow Rich.” You can subscribe to her newsletter for free at her Web site.


  • Randal Pinkett (now Dr. Pinked) won the fourth season of Apprentice. He spent several years overseeing the rehab of Trump’s Atlantic City properties. He has appeared on PBS’ Executive Exchange.Pinked is a Rhodes Scholar. He is a faculty member for Trump University and a spokesman for the Trump Institute. See what else he is up to on his Web site.


  • Sean Yazbeck won season five and is best remembered for winning the heart of Tammy, another season five candidate. Both denied a relationship existed during the finale. Yazbeck spent his apprenticeship overseeing a $500 million hotel development in Miami. He now lives in Miami and is director of business development for a recruiting firm. His Web site makes little mention of his appearance on “The Apprentice.


  • Stefanie Schaeffer won season six, which had the show move to Los Angeles. Schaeffer is an attorney and, as the apprentice, she oversaw the development of a Trump property in Santo Domingo. She also worked for Trump’s Las Vegas properties. Recently, she’s guest hosted shows on the TV Guide Channel and the Golf Channel. Her Web site is a little dated.